With all the fuss that’s been going on concerning the latest Wonderwoman film, I decided to capture her signature look with a modern twist and collect some items that will make you feel even as powerful and sassy as this grand feminist figure. Advertisements

I’m not going to lie, it’s been a while since I actually went there, but I’ll never truly forget my first trip ever to London, which was fair to say rather short, but not less memorable.

I picked out some purrfect pieces to spice up your wardrobe. They’re definitely some it- items everyone will be talking about! Treat yo self cause I know you deserve this extremely early christmas gift.

The thing I admire about Americans, is how abundant and over the top they celebrate Halloween. Here in Belgium we acknowledge the existence of it, but we aren’t even close to the Americans and their huge celebration of this festivity. In my opinion we should step up our game, because who doesn’t like to grab the […]

It seems like if in that moment we packed our bags & left, I would’ve already been satisfied with such an amazing experience. But luckily we didn’t, because even after that we made so many beautiful memories. We went hiking in El Torcal, it looked like some kind of moonlandscape and it was absolutely stunning!

Buenos dias chicas! The next couple of days of my trip were even more hotter and spectacular! First of all we went to Sevilla, an (in my opinion) well-known-city. Apart from all the shops, there was a lot of culture to see! I was absolutely amazed by the cathedral and palace of Sevilla. The arabic […]

Holaaa! Me and my fam are heading to Spain this year and our first stop (after 12 hours of driving) was Bilbao! We did’t have a lot of time, because we only stayed for 1 day. However I will show you how I spend it. Bilbao was in my eyes a very clean and modern […]

Temperatures are increasing and so are summer vibes! Every year I notice at the end of summer how fast time flies. So you could either spend it doing nothing at all, or you could do something that you will remember when you look back in the end. I’m the kind of person who will always choose the […]

On the 1st of july (to be precise) you can’t deny one particular fact: sales are finally in town! This time I said to myself that I won’t be buying a cat in a bag. I went shopping with my friends & my mom (not at the same moment ofcourse) and found some nice things.

I’ve always wanted to create a blog, but never really got the time or motivation to invest in it. And now that it’s finally summer time, what better way to start summer than with a brand new blog! This is all very new to me, although I’m not completely unfamiliar with blogging – I’ve had […]